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Spain is a very attractive destination for US citizens who are looking to relocate and enjoy life in another country. The sun, culture and beauty of its city are only a small part of its enchanting qualities. By obtaining a residence permit for Spain, you and your family can enjoy the mild weather, as well as the beautiful landscape in all its diversity. From lying on the beach to skiing in the snowy mountains, Spain offers many activities and life never gets boring. The amazing food and wonderful people provide a whole new level of life quality and will make you wonder why you did not move here earlier. Another great advantage is that other European countries are close and travelling through Europe is easy and comfortable. Residing in Spain makes it easy to hop over to Portugal or France by car or even making a road trip to Sweden via Switzerland and Germany. You can also reach the other EU countries by short flights, of course.


There are many different options for US residents to obtain a residence permit for Spain, such as:

In case of the Golden Visa, you can come to Spain and apply for the residence permit for 2 years while you are already here. In all other cases, you have to apply through the Spanish Consulate in whose jurisdiction you reside in the USA.

The Spanish Consulates in the USA are located in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco and San Juan de Puerto Rico and in Washington, DC. 

Each Consulate has its own ideas of the documents they want to see presented with the different visa and residency applications. Thus, at Artemis Law, we provide our clients with assistance that is tailored specifically to the Consulate they will apply at. 

You can find out which Consulate is in charge in your case by looking at the map to the right/below (mobile).

In order to apply for a residence permit, you need to prepare and present a variety of documents such as a criminal record, a medical certificate, proof of economic means and, depending on which family members apply, marriage and birth certificates. 

If you are a US American citizen and you are interested in learning more about immigration and residence permits in Spain, get in touch! We look forward to hearing from you!


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